"ENLIGHTEN THROUGH KNOWLEDGE" is the motto of the school

All round development of the child's personality is the main aim of this institution. Individual attention is given, special emphasis and efforts are made to make the child foster habits of responsibility and self discipline and promote initiative to imbibe human values, secular and modern outlook and a sense of belonging to the whole world.

The school has highly qualified faculty for secondary and senior secondary departments in academic as well as for co-curricular activities for the all around development of students. It has spacious class rooms, Computer Laboratory with latest Computers, and various activities, sophisticated toy room. The School has an updated full-fledged library with books ranging from encyclopedia, etc.
For education to be meaningful and rewarding, it is essential that the students, school and parents work in unison. Parental cooperation is hence imperative.

School is taking best of Indian Culture and our rich heritage to evolve a pattern of education, which develops in students the best of mind, physique and consciousness based upon the spirit of secularism to make them true citizens of India. The rich healthy environment of the school campus helps in the multifaceted development of child's personality. The mind to be trained (not to be stuffed) is the basic aim of the school.

 For overall development of personality and to explore hidden talents, a large number of hobby classes are conducted in the school including Painting, Quiz, Declamation, Singing, Dance, Music, Public Speaking and Recitation. From time to time, competitions are organized in these hobbies. Every child on the stage and every child in the ground. Picnic and excursions are organized every year.