School Rules

Pupils will keep the class rooms and school premises absolutely clean, thus promote clean environment.

Damage to school property, disfiguring of walls, indecent language or behaviour are serious offences which may entail punishment and even dismissal.

Pupils will at all time show respect and reverence to school authorities and members of the staff. They should remember that every child of this institution is a gentleman or lady in the making.
Pupils should be responsible for the safety of their belongings. They are advised not to bring any costly articles to the school.

A student must obtain prior written permission from the Principal before joining any course or activity, not conducted or organized by the school. These activities should never clash with the school programmes.

Only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater fluency in the use of the language.

Collection of funds or giving gifts to anyone for any purpose must be with the permission of the Principal.

Pupils should not bring any magazine, periodicals or CD's to the school without the permission of the Principal.

Students are expected to take part in all the co-curricular activities of the school as part of their civic, cultural and leadership training.


1. Student should come to school at least 5 minutes before the bell rings, who will come after school time be punished or not allowed to enter in the school.

2. Students are not allowed to bring with them costly items, the school will not be responsible for the loss of such articles.

3. Running, Playing or shouting inside the school building is strictly prohibited.

4. The child should wear proper uniform along with cleaning of teeth, trimming of hair and nails properly.

5. Parents should write the name of student on their note-books, books & diary and cover by colourless plastic cover only for safety and for good marks in Evaluation exam. (In Nov. & Feb. Month)

6. Please send the lunch box before 15 minutes of Lunch timing with the name of student. In lunch box there must be fresh and healthy CHAPATI, PARATHA and VEGETABLE (must not be liquid). Please neglect KurKure, Biscuits, Namkeen, Chowmein, Samosa and others like it.

7. Parents are not allowed to meet and stay in school campus during lunch timing.

8. Please inform immediately to the school office about any changes in address, telephone number and mobile number in writing. 9. If any parent can’t be able to teach his/her ward, then school has a Day-Boarding facility for Home work (like written and learning).