Principal Message

"We believe that 'ignited young minds' charged with eternal values of India is the resource the country needs today to build a better tomorrow and this is our guiding thought at Npss ."

Nobal Public Sr.Sec. School is an epitome of an ideal institution as visualised by the most adorable founder chairman of this institution. It is a prodigious journey to contribute our nation with best citizens. Nobal Public Sr.Sec. Schoolhas played pivotal role in giving fruitful outcome. It has proved itself through its earnest endeavors to ensure sincere service to the nation.

Nobal Public Sr.Sec. School is a treasure of both the extremities tradition as well as technology. It has laid remarkable stepping stone by raising the issue of Bhartiyam and teaching all the subjects through e-class room concept. This will help to go a long way for students to lay a firm foot in the global market after accomplishing their education. Information technology is the demand of time. To run with the pace of time we have introduced this modern concept of education. We are confident we shall reach the goals set by us, and our children should touch the pinnacles of perfection. The heights reached and kept by great men were not attained by sudden flight, but by toiling upward in the night, while their companions slept.

Nobal Public Sr.Sec. School